Monday, November 21, 2011

Not again.

I have an acquaintance getting married next month and tonight I found out another friend is engaged. See, I was right with an earlier post - winter is the season of love. It's almost sickening. It would be if I didn't love the people getting married. As it is, it's still nauseating. And depressing. At least for those of us who are three years single this Thanksgiving holiday. Ah yes, the joys of single hood are many most days. But those "most days" are feeling like less and less the older I get. Soon, they'll just be "days" and then "less days". In the south, it's not uncommon to get married young, so I guess I feel like I'm fast approaching old-maid status. I see myself in thirty years as the crabby, accountant who lives alone with like twelve dogs. Or if I'm lucky, it'll be twelve horses and three dogs. But we'll see. Prospects are slim, and although I tell myself they'll get better after I graduate and get into the "real-world" (whatever that is) the prospects will be much larger. But I'm not buying my own bullshit. So yeah. It's three AM and I need to finish this last question for my auditing case that's due tomorrow so that I can go to bed and get up to go to class and start my daily grind all over again.

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