Thursday, August 11, 2011

Been a while, hasn't it?

I suppose this is where I go to think things through. To vent. To express. So yeah, I'm here again.

There are ten people in my house. Ten. Not including me. I'm number eleven. There are also three dogs, two cats, two guinea pigs, a rabbit, and a hamster - at least, I think it's a hamster. It's like living in a three ring circus. It's also like living in a house with barely enough space for everyone. Oh wait, that's actually what it is.

I've been relegated to sharing my sister's bed because my grandmother's in mine. I assume my aunt is in my brother's, my cousin is on the couch, my other cousin is probably with my aunt, my brother's fiance is in the living room turned her bedroom, while her son is in the media room turned nursery. My parents are of course in their own room. I still don't know where my brother is sleeping, but I assume that it's with his fiance. It's a mess. Not that I mind, because really, I don't. I love having my entire family in one place because it's not something that happens everyday.

Unfortunately, that means I have no place of my own. Which I don't mind, unless I need to decompress - which is exactly what I need to do. I just finished up two summer courses on Wednesday, and come early Saturday monring - and I'm talking 5:45 AM early - I'll be on a plane to Haiti. For eight days. After which, I'll arrive back in the states just in time to drive back to school, go to bed, and get up to attend the first day of class. So needless to say, I've been a little bit stressed out. And by a little bit, I mean a lot. So much so that I've had daily stress headaches, I had a minor day-long panic attack on Tuesday, and I'm forecasting no sleep tonight.

I'm currently holed up in the library - which is more like an office and less like a library - because it is literally the only room unoccupied that has a door. Lame. But necessary. I'm exhausted, but my mind continues to race, and I suppose I could take something to help me sleep, but let's face it - it's almost four in the morning and I should be up and moving about nine. Besides, the chances of waking someone up, even if it's just the dogs, by looking for something in the pitch black kitchen are too high to risk. I'd feel bad if I woke my cousin sleeping on the sofa a mere fifteen feet from the kitchen.

So yeah. I think I'm going to pop in some Boy Meets World and call it a night. Or a morning. Whatever.

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