Sunday, June 26, 2011

I have a serious question.

On a scale from 1 to 80's fashion, how lame is it that I'm re-watching all the episodes available on Netflix of this show?
Because I don't think it's that lame. If you were a nineties kid, like I was [and I mean you were born before the nineties, not in the nineties] then you should remember this show, even if you weren't a fan. Personally, I loved the Power Rangers, and I still do. Although it did help that Tommy [bad Green Ranger turned good Green Ranger turned powerless turned good Green Ranger turned White Ranger turned Red Ranger turned Black Ranger] looked like this:
He was cute. Way cute. He's an MMA fighter now. And a Christian. Check out the tattoo on his left arm.
Anyway, I've gotten way off track. I'm watching the Power Rangers again. And I wanted to know if it was lame. Is it? Or is it a reasonable interest of a college age girl who grew up watching the show and whose interest in martial arts came from that show?

Not that I really care whether it's lame or not. I'm going to call it research and go on with my life. It's research for the book I'm writing. Yeah, that's it.

And before I forget, while I was searching for photos I came across this website. It's someone's opinion on who should be cast as the new 'original' Rangers should a new movie come out. I agree with it. All of it. Especially having Taylor Kitsch play Tommy. Badassery and long hair. Oh yeah...and he's smokin'.

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