Friday, May 20, 2011

...and then everything seems to work out again.

That class made. The one I needed to stay on my graduation plan. So that pretty much relieved the majority of my stress. Now all I have to do is decide where I'm interning next semester. That's going to be a difficult choice, but definitely easier than having to rearrange the rest of my graduation plan. Anyway... I stumbled across this website today (I was on stumbleupon, go figure) and it had a bunch of cool quotes on it. I really liked this one. I feel like it kind of embodies my life. Sure, I can play normal. I can play "normal" really well. But I'm not normal. My mind bounces around more than a pinball during the day, I'm constantly living another life in my head, and occasionally I still feel like I'm twelve. My favorite color is pink, I'm a big fan of Star Wars, Harry Potter, and most classical literature, I read faster than anybody I've ever met, I have absolutely no short term memory, and my caffeine consumption ranges somewhere between "a lot" and "dear-dead-god-why-hasn't-her-heart-stopped-yet!?" But really, being normal is so overrated. Who wants normal anyway? Normal doesn't have any perks. Has anyone ever gotten famous for being "normal"? No. Nobody has. So that's it. Dare to be different. After all, "well-behaved women seldom make history." [Ten points if you know who said that without googling it]

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